My name is Fiyin (pronounced Fee’-yin) McCrary. I earned a degree in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta. My focus is 2D animation. I enjoy creating cute characters and placing them in violent or vaguely inappropriate situations. I also have a passion character design, concept art, and 2D effects.

I have helped many of my peers with their films as a character designer, concept artist, assistant art director, clean up artist, 2D animator, and 2D effects animator.I was part of the Group Project class in 2017. In this class, we created an entire 2D film in 10 weeks. The film is titled “Pardon Me”. I was a background artist and animator. The film went on to be placed in the 2017 SCAD Atlatamation and 2017 Audfest. In 2014, I also had an original artwork placed in the Atlanta Children’s Museum for the Sound Sensations exhibit.

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Sonam Nair

Originating from a small country town, Daniel Merlin Miller moved to Philadelphia to pursue filmmaking. Miller applies his persevering nature to every aspect of any project he is part of. Young in his career, he works on as many sets as he can to further his understanding and education in the industry. Daniel has created films spanning across many different genres, including short film Black Horse Alley and his latest, Spark.

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Nancy Wennan Zhang is an animator and digital artist born in China and currently living in New York City. Having earned a MFA in Digital Arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Driven by interest, Nancy attended skills training in 3D workflow from modeling to compositing during her undergraduate life in China. Playing a role in visual production is her dream. Nancy enjoys watching all kinds of movies, cooking different cuisines, and traveling different places. Nancy also interested in exploring the unexplored and hopes to become a professional compositor and visual artist in the CG field.

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DANIEL ALEJANDRO is a contemporary Latin-Australian singer who fuses classical, Latin & pop styles with spiritual sensitivity.

Daniel's broad based performance abilities have secured him leading roles in high profile entertainment forums including; Australian Idol 2009 TOP 100, Dead Man Walking The Opera (2007), based on the movie with the same name; lead actor CA-CHI-PUN, a 3rd Prize winner for Tropfest Short Film Festival, as well as principal roles in RENT The Musical & Sweeney Todd. Currently working as part of the main ensemble for singing the works of Indian Guru Sri Aurobindo.

Daniel has written and produced a number of sell out performances at Cabaret Shows and is a regular guest performer at other Sydney venues and special events. Daniel also produced the entertainment segment for the 2006 Sokka Gakkai International Peace Conference in Sydney and regularly sings in Citizenship ceremonies and weddings.

Daniel's professional training includes two years of acting/directing with Lynette Sheldon and intensive Classical Opera singing training with Steve Ostrow (who discovered and trained Bette Midler, Peter Allan and Barry Manilow). Daniel is also a graduate of Screenwise Acting School with Denise Roberts. A trained dancer and Samba teacher, Daniel has performed in the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and was profiled on ABC television's Mondo Thingo in a feature on Bollywood dancing. Currently he is working with renowned Director/Acting Coach Annie Swan and Australia's Leading Opera Master/Producer Nicole Alexander.

Daniel Alejandro's debut CD El Amor is pure feeling in all its guises, from the delights of romance and attraction to the anguishes of love and separation, from unbridled joy to the yearning for spiritual connection and release. A broad collection of romantic ballads, Spanish classics and contemporary pop songs held together by dynamic, lush arrangements and a remarkable voice that speaks directly to the heart and soul of the listener.

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Aseneth Peek Parker is a native of Detroit Michigan and currently lives in a suburb of the Motor City. She is a singer and actor having acted in David E. Talbert's film "First Sunday and a number of indie films" Ms. Peek Parker is a voice over artist as well as an award winning author of the allegorical tale, "Earthbound". Earthbound was awarded 'Film Ready Novel' Award by the Glory-Reelz Christian Film Festival in 2016. She is the mother of two children, Richard A. Parker and Kayla Parker-Tolbert (who defeated breast cancer by moving to Heaven in 2007). She has a daughter in love, Shamia N. Parker and one grandson, Adrian. "PSA Sarcoidosis Awareness, Kuipiio Livingston" is Ms. Peek Parker's directorial debut.

Duane Journey

Nell Teare

Natalie MacMahon

Paul Overacker is a multi Award-winning Director and Technical Director working in television, film, and on-line productions. Awarded for his Craft of Directing for PlayStation E3 Experience and ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League on Twitch.

Emmy-nominated for his work on Super Bowl 50 as Technical Director, his work encapsulates all genres of Nationally televised productions, Daytime and Late-night talk shows, Primetime Drama's, Entertainment, Sports, News and Educational Productions. Paul has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years, with over 20,000 hours of live television production experience.

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Justyn Bell

Yuval Shrem is a member of the Israeli Academy of Motion Pictures & Television. An associate member of The Recording Academy (Grammys). 

Since 1995, Yuval Shrem has been creatively involved in hundreds of television programs in Israel, before moving to Los Angeles in 2002.

In 2009 Yuval became a member of The Actor's Studio West as a director in the Playwright/Director's Unit, where he also directed the dark comedy SIZZLE SIZZLE by Stephen Fife, which he later adapted to a feature film project currently in development.

After directing the critically-acclaimed 2013 world premiere of the play "BLUE KISS" by Stephen Fife, Yuval had developed with him a film adaptation of the play, which is now in the packaging stage.

Recently, Yuval co-founded FABLE ENTERTAINMENT with his longtime collaborator, Israeli TV mega-producer Zivit Davidovitch, wrote and directed the now award-winning short film THE BABIES, and is currently in post-production on his first feature film as a director - A PLEA FOR TENDERNESS.

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Surya Balakrishnan

David Blankleider has an extraordinary talent for visual storytelling. In just a few minutes he’s capable of emotion an audience, after taking them through the journey of his characters and their stories. His care for the aesthetic of the picture and his ability to direct actors it’s what complete the story making each of his films an intimate experience of filmmaking for the viewer.

His unique vision is the result of the mix of growing up in Uruguay were he developed his passion for film and TV, and then achieving a certificate degree at the University of California Los Angeles Extension (UCLA Extension), and working in the Industry in America. David’s stories have the exact balance of his diverse background and the American way of filmmaking.

It’s probably because of this that his films have been recognized and awarded in so many countries of the world with extreme cultural difference between them as China, USA, France, Nederland, Morocco, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil among others. His short film “Another Christmas” was acquired by DireTV’s network SHORTD HD and broadcasted to millions of people around the world. In total, David’s work has been in more that 40 international film festival including the prestigious Oscar-qualifying LA Shorts Fest.

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Justin Krul 

Daniel Merlin Miller

Keyvan Sheikhalishahi is a French film director, screenwriter and producer born in 1998. After many first attempts, Keyvan Sheikhalishahi wrote the script of "Turba" when he was 15 and made the film when he was 16. He takes care of all the jobs. Despite actors who were not known and a lack of materials, the trailer is appreciated by French and international film festivals and celebrities. In 2016, he made his first professional film, "Vesper", with well-known German actor Götz Otto and French actress Agnès Godey.

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Nancy Wennan Zhang

Kenneth Sanabria

Shelia Wofford

On the Road Again is Loghan Stong's first short film, and as an avid horror movie fan, Stong set out to create his own. He draws his influence from favorite films such as Insidous, The Conjuring, and Strangers, among many others.

Keyvan Sheikhalishahi

Shawn Small is the Executive Director of Wonder Voyage, a unique non-profit organization dedicated to leading seekers in the ancient sacrament of pilgrimage. He is an author and a passionate filmmaker. His award winning short documentary, Ru: Water is Life was about how water scarcity effects millions of children around the world. His second short documentary, Acres of Diamonds, focuses on the epidemic of child slavery in India. Shawn is a recent inductee into the Explorer’s Club and he has traveled to over 70 countries. He lives in Denton, Texas where he continues to work on several new books and films.

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Natraaj Maharshi (a.k.a Maha) is a multi-talented individual with creativity running in his bloodstream since a very young age. 
He was a child artist through the age of 4. He acted in a lot of school and stage plays. And then went on to direct his stage play being a 14 year old.
In 1996, Natraaj Maharshi received a Diploma in Method Acting (Gold Medalist) and Film Direction programme held by New York Film Academy in India.
After his college days, he filmed a lot of videos in Khammam District to experiment and experience. He struggled and tried his best to gain a place in the film industry but never received a chance. 
He was very keen on his skills and ideas; and was not aiming at making formula films. He always aimed at making a mark in the World Cinema. He met big names like Shyam Benegal, Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Gautam Ghosh and Adoor Gopalkrishnan and learnt a lot more about World Cinema and its ideology.
In the middle of the phase he worked as a journalist to get closer to know people as humans and observe society as a whole in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The Tsunami disaster of the coasts changed his entire way of thinking. He had been to Cuddalore and Nagapattanam to cover the disaster, and there began a certain kind of realisation over looking at the pain, the intensity of loss and heartache of the victims and their families.
He took upon his first short film project on real life of a Tsunami victim named “For You” (2006) directed in Hindi. Along with awards, accolades he also gained a good name and identity. 
Following were short films like “Shabd” (2007) – a Hindi short film giving out meaningful morale on a missing link between children and parents that was an initiative under a non-profit organisation to create awareness on the communication gap in today’s time.
Godse loves Gandhism(2010) – a short film in Telugu on the negative image embarked upon the name Godse, that prevents from accepting the person’s spirit of Gandhism, had a nationwide release and was widely talked about. 

DRAWING BLOOD- A Colourless life of an Artist– He completed his debut feature film in 2013 with a lot of hopes and efforts
In the year 2015, his journey towards filmmaking had a new lift when he co-founded VaayuDhwani Productions as Creative head, Cinematographer and Director making short film projects: Mera Aalaap – a rare musical short on a journey of a Ghazal singer and her relation with music, and 1973- An Untold Story - This is a regional short film in his mother tongue, an incident from his childhood that he wished to share with everybody on the passionate farmer who worked with patriotic devotion towards his land and people.

With his love for meaningful and artistic approach to film making, his Short films received a great response and his work has gained respect for him in eyes of humanitarians and socialists for bringing up social messages with each. That even invited him to certain talk shows for being an outstanding personality as well as a responsible person to the society.

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Since graduating Deakin University's Bachelor of Film and Digital Media in 2012, Nic has made over 25 short films and documentaries that have screened for audiences across the world. Based in Melbourne, he is a full member of the Australian Directors Guild.

His comedy 'Pint' was one of the most successful Australian shorts of 2014, selected in 60 film festivals and garnering over 30 awards. His subsequent shorts, 'To Have and Withhold' and 'Dead Sharks', as well as his debut feature 'Short Distance', have also been met with substantial industry acclaim.

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Aseneth Peek Parker

Mr. Akash Mihani has completed his film-making gratification from the renowned Film-Making institute, ZIMA ñ Media and Institute. He also holds a diploma in Animation Film-Making from Zee Institute of Creative Animation (ZICA). Though the qualifications are high its only his passion and dedication towards Film-Making and love for the world of cinema that has driven him to direct his first short film, ìMUMî. 
Apart from the world of Film-Making, Akash Mihani has proven his excellence in the world of Animation, Graphic Designing, Screen-writing and directing documentaries and Music Videos. His mettle and thirst of perfection has always been a catalyst in inspiring and motivating the young talents in achieving their goals. 
Itís a well-known fact for the people around him that motivating and inspiring people has been his forte. But this forte was taken to next level by bringing together a team of talented young people and forming a company, Sirius Motion Pictures. The inspiration behind the name was the brightest star in the darkest sky, SIRIUS. The name itself is evident to understand the idea of work. 
Being the director of the company, Mr. Akash Mihani is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making quality decisions for the Company.

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Sugandha Garg

Wei Cui is a filmmaker who was born and raised in Dandong, China. In 2013 he received his Bachelor degree in film production from Communication University of China. In 2016 he graduated from Emerson College with a Mater of Fine Arts degree in Film & Media Art.

Wei aims to push the limit of non-fiction. He explores concepts and methods of non-fiction by reenacting using fictional elements. In his work the demarcation between fiction and non-fiction is vague.

Born on April 30, 1992, Justyn Bell always had an interest in entertainment, but never knew where that interest was leading. It was until he joined a film internship program in Atlanta, GA that made him decide that film is what he wanted to pursue.

Justyn Bell is best known for his directorial work in Walking (2016) Saving Sarah (2015) and Someone Get Sam (2013).

Justin Dobson

Natalie MacMahon gained her first film experiences as an actress at a young age. After her studies at a Film Acting School in Berlin, she started writing her first script for the short film “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry”, which has been screened at numerous international film festivals such as the “Sydney Indie Film Fest”, the “Blow Up Arthouse Film Fest Chicago”, the “Canada Short Film Festival”, the “Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival”, the “Genre Celebration Film Festival” or the “Swedish International Film Festival” to name a few.

Her second short film “Like A Summer Sonata” participated at the “Cannes Short Film Corner” 2016 and was also part of countless international festivals like the “New York State International Film Festival”, the “Toronto Film Week”, the “Melbourne Indie Film Festival”, the “Miami Independent Film Festival”, the “Washington PA Film Festival” or the “European Independent Film Awards”.

After these two short dramas Natalie made her first experimental, Film Noir inspired short called “Lola wants to see the sea”, which has already successfully participated at the “North American Film Awards”, the “Sydney Indie Film Festival”, as well as the “Eve Film Festival”, the “Alternative Film Festival”, the “River Film Festival” and the “Female Filmmakers Film Awards”.

Natalie just finished her new fantasy drama short in Esperanto called “ A Universal Love Story” as well as her science fiction drama “It’s getting darker every day”. Currently Natalie is working on her new virtual reality themed short “The Red Head” as well as on her first feature film script “Hot Scary Summer”. 

​Directors Filmography: 
"It's getting darker every day" (Short Film, 2017) 
"A Universal Love Story" (Short Film, 2017) 
"Senses" (Mini Web series, 2016) 
"Lola wants to see the sea" (Short Film 2016) 
“Like A Summer Sonata” (Short Film, 2016) 
“The Man Who Couldn't Cry” (Short Film, 2015) 
“ The Secret of Berlin” (Web Series, 2015)

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Giorgi Plys-Garzotto recently graduated NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she concentrated on directing, and writing for TV. She loves wordy dialogue, inordinate attention to detail, and strong female characters.

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Nicholas Barker

Robert Howat

Andres Delzo was born in Lima, Peru on January 17, 1992. He immigrated to Florida, United States at the age of 9.

From an early age he began to write screenplays and stories since he has always fond towards film making and cinema. Cinema has impacted him deeply to become a huge role in his life as a storyteller from the moment he discovered cinema in United States -enjoying films from all around the world.

In high school he was involved in several minor video productions. In 2011 he traveled back to Lima, Peru to collaborate in a short film with a friend, delivering the story, the direction and the production. He continues working in film projects overseas. The Wolves' Game is his second major short film. He is currently enrolled in St. Petersbugh College and pursuing a bachelor's degree in business administration.

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Alixx Covington

Aniket Mitra

Alberto Martín-Aragón is an experimental filmmaker, writer and composer. Born and raised in Madrid he received his Masters degree in Journalism by the Complutense University & ABC in the year 2002, after graduating by it’s Faculty in Sciences of Information (1998) and has worked in nation-wide journals for the past ten years. He was awarded with the Best Editing in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (October 2016) for his short PATRICIO. His shorts Dr. Cataplana and Double Zero has been distinguised with the Best Experimental (October 2016 and January 2017) in the Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA). Also, he was awarded with three Best Experimental Short in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (LAIFFA) for his shortfilm HADES (September 2015), for his shortfilm MARIBEL (December 2015) and for Exile (2016). Martín–Aragón was awarded as well in the 49TH WORLDFEST–HOUSTON 2016 with a GOLD REMI for MARIBEL, with a SILVER REMI for BURLESQUE PARTICLES and for BRONZE REMI for HADES. He has also won four Awards of Recognition in Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival for his feature experimental HANGOVER and for his experimental shorts K.O, MARIBEL and BURLESQUE PARTICLES, among other prizes. His experimental feature HANGOVER has been awarded with Diamond Best Editing in NYC Indie Film Awards and was elected finalist in the International Mexico Festival. Martín-Aragón has been received several Awards of Merit and Recognition in Best Short Competition and IndieFest Festival. 
As a fiction writer he was awarded with the Ramón J. Sender Prize for his first novel Música de un patíbulo (1998). His first novel, Aleluya, was published in 2015. His second novel, Opiniones de un delator, was published in 2017. At present he is a co-founder of Tiempoperdido Producciones, a low-budget independent film producer based in Madrid (Spain). 

Dr. Teresa Mular was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was raised and educated there, completing her University studies and graduating as a Medical Doctor at age 23. 
Parallel to that she studied piano and voice at the National Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires. As a young person she developed a lifelong passion for classical music and the arts. 
She moved to New York, to further her training at Downstate Medical Center, State University of New York-Kings County Hospital, in Brooklyn. 
She became an Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology years later at the same institution and had a long career as a physician and teacher. 
Currently she has been President of the New York Gynecological Society (New York city) from 2014 to 2015. She has received several awards for her teaching activities from Stony Brook University, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 
Although geographically far from her native town, she continued to visit her family in Buenos Aires and remained in close contact with her beloved homeland throughout the years. She developed a strong interest in creative photography, which led to obtaining various awards at diverse Long Island, New York photo competitions. 
She is fluent in Italian (which she studied in Florence starting in 2006) and it is in Italy, where she found the germinating seed for making her first documentary about the land that witnessed her birth. She completed this work in 2011, which is a four-part documentary that pays homage to the various artistic complexities and cultural life of Buenos Aires, under the title “ Flying on the Wings of Time “ Volando en las Alas del Tiempo”. This documentary (“ Flying on the Wings of Time”) was shown at the XXXIV International Women Film Festival of Florence, Italy, to great acclaim in December of 2012 and also at the Huntington Cinema Arts Centre in April of 2012. The Argentinean Cultural Center showed it in June of the same year in Long Beach, New York. The same film received a Silver Award in the Short Film Category, awarded by the Oregon Film festival in November of 2012. 
It has been screened at the Lucerne International Festival (Switzerland) and shown in Lucerne in October of 2014. 
She completed another documentary entitled “ The Muse is the Mountain”, which deals with the life, struggles and achievements of a group of artisan women in the mountainous regions of Costa Rica. Its premiere was held on May 6th, 2014 at Instituto Cervantes of New York. It was selected for screening in various festivals around the world, including the International Film Festival in Jakarta (2014), Indonesia, being awarded with a Silver nomination in the Director category and a Gold nomination in Documentary and it was selected as Best Director of a Short Documentary at the Milan International Film Festival (Italy) 2015, and an Excellence Award at the Dada Saheb Film Festival in India (2015). 
It was also an official selection at the Costa Rica International Film Festival of Peace with the Earth (2014) and at the Helios Film Festival, Cincinnati, USA (2015) and nominated in the categories of a) Scientific and Educational Award and b) best director at the Milan International Filmmaker Festival in November 2015. It has been nominated for best Foreign Language Documentary at the Madrid International Film Festival to take place July 2 to 9th 2016.

Another successful film has been a short comedy “ Now Boarding “ which was filmed in March of 2015 and was selected at the First Dog Film Festival, New York, October 2015 and which has also been selected at various international film festivals, including the 1)Colortape Film Festival in Brisbane, Australia, shown in June of 2016; 2) the Dada Saheb Film Festival , India, April 30 , 2016; 3) at the International Independent Film Awards, ( California) , 4) at the International Film Festival in Jakarta , Indonesia. It also was selected and nominated for Best Director of a Short Comedy at the Madrid International Film Festival, which took place July 2 to 9th 2016 and it became a winner for best screenplay in the short category at this festival.

Her new film “ Four Journeys “ was just completed June 24th, 2016, is a documentary about immigrant Latin American women now working in New York and who have struggled in various ways since arriving as newcomers to New York, but are now successful in their own careers and private lives. It has been officially selected, nominated and awarded ad various film festivals at a national and international level. 

Bradley Hawkins

Eleonora Gasparotto Nascimben graduated at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.
In 2014 she worked with Teleambiente to realized a format tv about indie and underground Italian cinema. In the same year, MARGHERA, a short film, won the COSPE's Prize (human rights) and it participated in many events like Venice Film Festival, Festival International du Film d’Amien, Terra di Tutti i Festival.
Two years later she left to Nigeria to realize EKO, a documentary about italian people who go to Africa searching a job, presented in Locarno 70. 
In 2017 she maked NUNCA MAS HERMANOS (RIFF) about tragic situation of Mexico and she won the national prize FuoriRotta to realize a documentary about last European tribe: the Sami.
Since 2013 she has started her collaboration with web site, newspaper and journal like Messaggero Veneto, Verifica Incerta (editor Visioni Italiane), Redazione Italia.

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Shawn Small

David Blankleider

Akash Mihani

I grew up in Kolkata, India, fascinated by English Literature and old Hindi films. After my double major in Writing and Film from Ithaca College, NY, I spent a year doing odd film jobs in New York City before finally moving to Mumbai and working in the film industry here. I worked as an Assistant Director on 'Wake Up Sid' and 'Saat Khoon Maaf' before writing and directing my first feature film 'Gippi' for Dharma Productions. After that, I've dabbled in screenwriting, directing web series, short films, advertising, and continue to develop my second feature film with the same company. 

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Eric Hug

Nicola Rose is a director-producer, writer, and puppeteer based in New York City. Her recent work includes the 24-episode webseries "Callie & Izzy," a comic tale of a young woman with a malevolent puppet growing out of her hand. She followed this up with "Creative Block," a bilingual short film about creativity and loss across two countries. Also a director and producer of live theatre, Nicola is the creator of the musical "Aisle Six," which played Off-Broadway at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre in 2013. Nicola is bilingual in French and English and holds degrees from Columbia University and the Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle in Paris, France. 

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Michael Bell

Alberto Martín-Aragón

Sain Gabdullin has had passion for cinematography and film-making since he was young. He followed his passion and graduated from The Public University of the Cinematic Art and Television of Leningrad (currently Saint – Petersburg, Russia) in 1978 and became a crew chief at the Film Studio (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Later he continued his education at All-Union State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow, Russia.

Shortly after his graduation, in 1989, he founded KINO Company LLP – a Eurasian production company.

Justin Krul grew up in Scheveningen Beach, The Netherlands remaking Hollywood hits from the early age of eight. After his studies to become a director and screenwriter, Justin Krul now creates his own beautiful short stories.

From the script until the final edit, he captures some of our great inner questions. Questions everybody struggles with at some point in their lives. His films portrait themes like the fear of speaking your mind, breaking expectations and celebrating difference. By focussing on visual minimalism he makes the stories real, authentic and a little philosophic.

As a director he embraces honesty, raw emotions, individual struggles and outspoken doubt about letting go of our fears to become who we really are. Something that’s not always easy, but it makes for beautiful stories to tell. 

Dean Whitney

I am a director and actor based in Central Scotland. Scotland has a wealth of film making talent that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with. I may not always have the biggest budget but we have the passion and drive for film making.
I have written and directed several short films usually of a horror/supernatural theme including Sacred Birth (2015) and Out Of His Tree (2016) which won a Bronze Spotlight Horror Film Award.
However Robber Girls is my first period piece, a genre I have wanted to explore for a long time.
I draw upon various sources including history and mythology for inspiration to create character driven stories and engaging visuals. I am particularly interested in a strong feminine presence in film.
I am delighted that my film Robber Girls will now have further exposure to an audience in The United States.

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Alixx Covington is a filmmaker from Atlanta, Georgia who graduated in 2013 from Georgia State University with a bachelor's degree in Film & Video Production.

Later, he worked for the company Black Tie Creative as a videographer and produced several commercials and online content for various businesses.

Since then he has been busy with freelance camera work on independent films and produced several music videos. He also writes and directs films with the latest being Innocence Lost, a coming of age tale about temptation and inspired by John Milton's Paradise Lost. 

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Her friends call her Fi, but to the rest of the world, Stephanie Dieter is a 24 year-old film director, producer and screenwriter known for the multi-award winning shorts Cinder Pumpkin (2015), Irreversible (2015) and Bar Sinister (2014). In 2016, Dieter co-founded Tape Haus Cinema, a production company based out of Atlanta. Dieter's work has screened at more than 25 international film festivals, including the upcoming screening of Cinder Pumpkin at the 70th Festival de Cannes.

​What sets me apart when it comes to directing, is my passionate approach to serving the story. A good story married to a powerful performance and dynamic visual structure, will always be a winning recipe. I believe with all my heart that truth and specificity, as difficult as they can be to achieve, are the foundation of character development and powerful storytelling.

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Scott Allan Pardue has an M.F.A. in directing from the University of Iowa and has been writing and directing videos for small businesses and non-profits since 2009. In 2015 his video FANTASIA’S PLAYGROUND won a 20k national grant from Dr. Pepper as part of the “Let’s Play Community Construction Grant”. Prior to video, he was a founding member of several theatre companies and won regional and national awards for both acting and writing. In 2009, his play THE AMERICAN BLACK BOX was produced by America Theatre of Actors (ATA) and at the Midtown Theatre Festival in New York, NY. The play was also produced in 2007 by The University of Iowa in Iowa City and was the 2007 IRAM winner for Best Director. As an undergraduate at the University of Wyoming, he had the opportunity of acting at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. with his sketch comedy piece OBSESSIONS OF A PYROMANIAC INSURANCE SALESMAN as the regional winner of the American College Theatre Festival. More notable one-act and full-length scripts he has written include: THE TROPE, LEMON 714, 19 PORTRAITS IN SACRAMENTAL OIL, THE TELEMACHEIA and Glass Dancer, which was a script developed for THE NAMES PROJECT, AIDS MEMORIAL QUILT display.

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Stephanie Dieter

Aniket is by profession a Visual Designer and Concept Artist from Kolkata. Government College of Art & Craft, Calcutta graduate and gold medallist. Passionate photographer and illustrator. Have worked with companies like O&M, Cognizant, etc. Presently associated with CapGemini Kolkata. A bookworm and music lover, Aniket is a diehard admirer of the legendary director Satyajit Ray.

Aniket’s first short film was 'The Paper Boy' which has done quite well with various film festivals across the country.‘The Paper Boy’ got selected in 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2016, and Kolkata International Film Festival 2015.

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Born in Martinsville, VA. Joe grew up in this industry working with his father at a local TV/Radio station. After learning the basics of the film business at Piedmont Community College, Joe moved to Atlanta, GA where he now works as a Director/DP/Editor at BlackGreen Gold and Gold Crews.

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The founder of Winged Reel. Justin has been pursuing a love of the outdoors for more than 20 years. Along with his passion for fly fishing, film and photography have led to the creation of Winged Reel’s documentary style short videos. Justin "cut his teeth" some 15+ years ago creating vacation adventure films while working in the outdoor industry, and shortly there after began filming construction related video surveys. He now finds his true passion in sharing and helping to tell peoples stories. Justin lives in Woodstock, GA and enjoys spending time with the apple of his eye, his daughter Lulu.

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Scott Allan Pardue


Joe Wyatt

"As a freelance photographer and part time procurement manager i get more and more freaky in creating animation films."

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I started my career in the U.S. Navy as a Journalist (2004-2009). After A-school at the Defense Information School (DINFOS), I spent two years at AFN Sasebo, Japan working on a 10-minute daily newscast, a travel show called Kyushu Explorer, TV and radio spots, and a daily radio show.

From there the military brought me to San Diego where I worked at the Fleet Public Affairs Center Pacific shooting TV news stories for The Pentagon Channel, American Forces Network (AFN), and The PA center’s main job was to augment ship crews when they leave for deployment.

I spent a total of 8 months aboard USS Tarawa (LHA1), where I became in charge of the Media Center producing stories from Bangladesh, Panama & Singapore which aired on our weekly ship newscast, on, Pentagon Channel and AFN around the world.

From there I transitioned out of the Navy and into civilian life, shooting and editing local news with a reporter at FOX 5 San Diego. We went live at the 4, 5, 6, and 10pm newscasts. Here, Iearned two Emmy Awards for stories I shot and edited. Now, I’m taking time off work to finish up my Bachelor's degree in Digital Media, while I freelance odd video jobs that come my way.

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Paul Overacker

Jamal Hodge

2017 Award-Winning Filmmakers in the spotlight

Ira Farmer

Duane Journey has a career in Film and Television spanning 30 years. Covering over 380 episodes of Television and a 100 Feature films. Duane has a directing resume that includes feature films, television, commercials, music videos, and short films. Over the years he has worked in a half dozen on set departments as well as production management and Producing. 
Duane believes that this diverse background has helped him understand what it is to be a well-educated and capable filmmaker. 
His interest in the arts started when he was a young actor in San Diego, California. Training and performing with the San Diego Starlight Opera, The Old Globe Theatre, San Diego Jr. Theater and the renowned La Jolla Playhouse. After at age 16 winning the San Diego Young Filmmakers Award, Duane realized his true passion was for film and the visual world that Directors could create. Shortly after graduating from high school, he backed up and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. 
Starting like most people Duane started as a PA on small films. Worked as a Casting Assistant and then Second Assistant Director. However, he soon fell into the technical side of filmmaking where over the years he has racked up an impressive resume as both a Gaffer and a Key Grip. Working as a Dolly Grip and later Key Grip on several major TV show and films. 
After several years, Duane decided to head back toward his childhood dream of directing. He went back into being a First Assistant Director. Which lead to Line Producer and eventually Producing. With his vast experience in all aspects of production, Duane was tapped to be the Sr. VP of Production for a independent film fund / production company, overseeing their 
feature films, documentaries, TV and music projects. Duane established a reputation for working and supporting newer directors, while working along side and learning from some of the industries great directors. Duanehas shadowed and worked with names such as Bethany Rooney, John Landis, Todd Holland, Jack Bender, Barry Sonnenfeld, James Burrows, Larry Elikan and JJ Abrams. 
All of this ‘in the trenches’ experience has helped to bring a diverse and artistic vision and style to Duane’s work as a Director. He has a real world sensibility of what it takes to make films from the ground up, making him both a technical expert and an accomplished artist. Skills that he has put to use directing 2nd units for feature films, Web and network commercials, Music videos and television projects. 
In 2012, Duane made his feature directorial debut with the horror comedy Hansel and Gretel 
Get Baked starring Lara Flynn Boyle and Carey Elwes. Which has become a Red Box and Payper-view favorite. Holding a top 10 spot in Red Box's rentals for five months after release. As well as being released theatrically and pay channels in over 20 countries. His award-winning short film, Charlie's Gift wins Gold at the Spotlight Film Awards.

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Wei Cui 

Forrest Tuff finds inspiration in everyday life, which helped cultivate his love of film-making. His desire to entertain, teach and inspire is evident in his films. He focuses on issues such as compassion, life's turmoil and human resilience using the genres of action, drama and comedy.

Tuff is the founder and CEO of One Vision Productions, an award-winning, multimedia agency that has been named one of Atlanta's Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

A Georgia native, Tuff strives to continue the legacy of black entrepreneurial filmmakers such as Oscar Micheaux, Spike Lee and Tyler Perry. He believes that with the right vision, tenacity, work ethic, and team you can achieve your greatest ambitions.

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Brandon Polanco is the co-owner of the production company; 3 of a Kind Productions, LLC., based in New York City. He has created five short films, which have ranged in style and recognition. His fourth film, Vicky & Jonny, just returned from the Cannes Short Film Corner, and his most recognized work; Writer's Block, stars Bryan Cranston from AMC's Breaking Bad. The short film received praise from Buzzfeed, IndieWire, USA Today, Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Perez Hilton, and many more publications. He has also created a wide variety of music videos, commercials, and documentary content for his company. He recently published his first novel, Dylan Rey and is currently working in post for his first feature film, Earth Mother, filmed in Austin, Texas.


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Jason Zuidema

Dr. Steven Zlotowski is a practicing emergency medicine physician and first-time filmmaker. Other creative credits include being a short story writer, book editor, interviewer, orator and award winning story teller. His lifelong investment in the confluence of environmental issues, science and humanity has led him to writing, directing and producing Faith’s Gambit.

Zlotowski majored in Chemistry and Environmental Studies at Williams College, MA, and earned his Doctorate of Medicine from The Medical College of Pennsylvania/Drexel University in Philadelphia. He completed his specialty training in Emergency Medicine at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA.

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Ira Farmer has worked in cable TV as a camera operator and technical director, in theatre as a stage manager and director, spent fifteen years in post-production as a director of operations, in all this time he has worked on a number of film projects in every position from PA to director, this is the first short film he has written, produced and directed

Sain Gabdullin

Caroline Concordia

Loghan Stong

Steven Zlotowski 

Yuval Shrem

Andres Delzo

Natraaj Maharshi

Dr. Teresa Mular

Born in Costa Rica. He's a Psychiatrist who also took technical studies in Audiovisual Production at the Creative University of Costa Rica, he was certified as an University Expert in Direction and Production of Film, Video and Television by Universidad Europea del Atlantico (Spain), and obtained a Master's Degree in Directing and Producing Digital Film by University of La Laguna (Spain). His first professional short film, "Insomnio", had a presence in many international film festivals, receiving 42 awards, including best film, best director, best story and writing awards. He founded KienSiente Films, where he works as a Producer, director, screen writer and distributor.

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Nicola Rose

Sugandha Garg is an artist.

There is more to her than just being an actor/ singer/ film-maker/ photographer from Mumbai, India.

She has starred in over 7 Feature films, 2 theatre productions and has been part of Indian Summer- a British drama series for channel 4.

She has also hosted several TV shows for the BBC World Service Trust and Fox Traveller.

She is a certified mountaineer from the Darjeeling Institute Of Mountaineering and taking the ethic of climbing new mountains forward, she is currently pursuing her Masters in Fine Art Photography at the IED, Madrid.

Kashmir is her first short film as writer/director. 

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Actor/Director, Bradley Hawkins, made his directorial debut for the big screen in 2015 with his award-winning comedy short, ROLLER COASTER.

After starting a career as an actor in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1990s, Hawkins and his family moved to Lancaster, PA where he taught film studies, and humanities courses at the high school level, and directed several stage productions.

Now retired from teaching, Hawkins has picked up where he left off 25 years ago and his recent acting credits include the lead role in LOBSTER CAGE, and supporting roles on television in, COLD CASE, UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, MURDER BOOK, and DEADLINE: CRIME. As a film director and producer, Hawkins won five awards for his direction of ROLLER COASTER and is now in development on two feature films which he hopes to see go into production in 2018. 

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Surya Balakrishnan is a graduate in Graphic Arts from College of Fine Arts, Bangalore and has done her diploma in direction at the New York Film Academy. She is one of the directors of Train Station, a collaborative feature film getting made by 40 directors from different parts of the world, which premiered at the Berlin International festival last year.

Currently, she’s at the last leg of her feature length documentary, Right Forward, which follows the indelible footprints of 12 young girls from Dharavi, Mumbai to San Francisco to show their prowess in a soccer camp apart from directing commercials and at times music videos and short films. 

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Shelia Wofford – (Director, Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Casting Director & Actor) Shelia Wofford is the writer, director and executive producer of TREASURE and MICHAEL VALENTINE. Shelia is the owner of Live to Inspire Productions. She has written and directed 10 stage play productions and the creator of the Chattanooga Actors Film & Theater Network Event. She has directed and produced a promotional video for the Chattanooga Actors Film & Theater Network Event in Chattanooga.

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Bimal K.H, aged 43, has accepted his career as a Management Professional and has been highly successful in that field. A Post Graduate in Business Administration, Bimal works as director for a number of companies both in India and abroad. Filmmaking is just a passion for Bimal and a way of showcasing his creative capabilities and a medium for communicating with people around him. His debut short film project, “Lusitanian Girl” is an attempt to blend history with present, and thereby deriving a beautiful fiction out of it..........

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Fiyin McCrary


Eleonora Gasparotto Nascimben

Tom Bessoir

Tom Bessoir was born in Queens, New York in 1957.
He attended the Bronx High School of Science and The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. He studied electrical engineering, mathematics and chaos theory and received both Bachelor's and a Master's Degrees in Engineering.
While at the Cooper Union he studied filmmaking with Robert Breer, Joshua Pines and Sandy Moore. Related studies included video with Ira Schneider and electronic music with Laurie Spiegel.

Bimal K H

Brandon Polanco

Eric Hug, born in 1993, is a lifetime Michigander. In 2017, he graduated, with honors, from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit with a bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Arts. His hobbies include writing clever, meaningful and family-friendly stories and traveling to interesting places. The role that defines him is his passion for character rigging. “I see rigging as much an art form as it is a technical process; like Lego blocks, you can build anything you want with the pieces available. As a rigger, it’s important to ensure the designs are stable, organized and, above all, easy for animators to comprehend and utilize.”

Nell is a native Texan. She attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston and then graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. While still at NYU, Nell was cast in the original production of Memphis, which went on to win the Tony award for Best Musical. In 2008, Nell founded Harmon Creek Press and published her first book, Celia and the Witches, through Barnes and Noble. At the end of that year, Nell moved to Los Angeles and in 2010 worked at Center Theatre Group as a part of the original production of Randy Newman’s, Harps and Angels. Nell became a company member at Celebration Theatre and, eventually, their Director of Development from 2011 to 2012. At the recommendation of a friend, Nell would direct her first staged production and a mini documentary called, If I Look This Good, Why do I Feel Like Shit, in 2012. The following year, Nell wrote, directed and produced three short films. She works with FILM 14, having now directed over twenty book trailers for the company. At The Lillian Theatre in 2014, Nell directed and choreographed the original musical, Rock and Roll’s Greatest Lovers. In 2015, Nell became a producer on the film, Upended, directed by Tessa Blake and starring Amy Landecker. That Summer, Nell directed the original production of the one woman show, StandUpera, at The Actor’s Theatre. In February of 2016, Nell adapted and directed a short film based on Frederic Donner’s story, LOVE. Nell directed two stage productions; All Shook Up, at the Morgan Wixson Theatre, which opened March 5th, and Anton in Show Business, at The Hudson Theatre, which opened April 9th (LA Stage RAW recommended; Top 10). At the end of April, Nell spoke about the use of visceral imagery on stage and in film for The Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson, Arizona. Over the summer, Nell produced the web series, Broke A$$ Rich Kid and shot a series of book trailers, including The Atlantis Gene, Pandemic, Riven, Middle East Affairs and The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman. She is currently directing and producing the web series Guber and is prepping for the short films Katie and Ben and Never Stop, which will shoot in December.​

My late husband, Dean Whitney, was always a storyteller. From his early days as a songwriter, he always had a passion to write and tell a story to an audience. After 30 years in the music business as a producer, publisher, and independent record company owner, Dean felt it was time for a change of professions.

Fast forwarding to his later years he began writing screenplays (basically self-taught), and was so prolific and dedicated that he wrote 26 quality screenplays in five years covering all genres.

In the fall of 2011 he decided to take the plunge into indie filmmaking and began to plot out his first effort as a writer, producer, and director: a short horror film entitled "The Body Bag" which was completed in June, 2012. The film went on to win "Best California Short" in the California Film Awards in 2012.

Shortly afterwards, Dean and his wife, Judy, formed their own production company, Undaunted Films. First up was the supernatural thriller and feature film, "Ghostline", which was shot in 2013. This film was awarded a Silver Award at the California Film Awards and won Best of the Fest at the Fantastic Horror Film Festival in 2014. "Ghostline" also obtained national film distribution.

Dean's final short film, "Aberrant" completed principal photography just five days before his sudden death. This film won a Diamond Award at the 2015 California Film Awards.

The script for "The Pact" was written a month before his death and is partly based on true events. Dean saw a homeless man huddled in a dark corner outside our favorite restaurant. For some reason, Dean felt the need to connect with this man, (much of their exact conversation is featured in the film), and this encounter became the germ of the idea for "The Pact." The story is meant to connect and touch people with its raw emotion and pain but conversely give hope that one act of kindness and selflessness may end up bringing salvation.

My husband, Dean, was filled with a generosity of spirit. He had so much more to offer in film, but what he accomplished in a short period of time was truly remarkable. He will be remembered.

Caroline Concordia was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and is a graduate of the McMaster University Theatre and Film program.  With many theatre credits to her name, she will soon be on a TV screen near you, on Scariest Night of my Life, and Web of Lies. This year so far Caroline won Best Female Filmmaker of the month from the Direct Online Film Festival for her first comedic short film Paro Caro.  Most recently, Caroline participated in the Women on Screen  incubator web series development programme for her next upcoming project "Anonymous Letter".

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Forrest Tuff

Emerging from New York's inner-city, in 1999 Jamal Hodge burst onto the independent film scene with his first film, ‘An African-American in Russia’. This exploratory documentary earned numerous awards, introducing Hodge to the film circuit as a daring and insightful artist. As a young filmmaker, Hodge's works have been featured in the renowned Cannes Film Festival, The Sundance Film Festival, Tribecca Film Festival, and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Hodge has worked on the Emmy Award-winning documentary, Bullets in the Hood as a cinematographer, and on Discovery Channel's Dupont award winning Series 'OFF To War' as an assistant editor. Jamal has been recognized with a citation award from the Hague Appeal for Peace for his brilliant directorial work in 'The Zapatista Dream 5 Years Later.' He has received various other accolades and awards including a Gold Spire Award from the San Francisco International Film Festival and the Alumnus Award from Tribeca/Urban Visionaries. 
Not one to shy away from the organic pull of the New York City Theater, Jamal Hodge has worked as an assistant director on the off-Broadway play, Prayers for the Ghetto, and as a casting agent for Clifton King and Michael Horne for the sketch comedy show 'Something Outrageous'. Recently Hodge has performed as an actor opposite theatre legend Patrik Baldauff in the short film 'Patrik' (2016) and in the Feature film Wild Men (2016) as the film's main antagonist. 
Jamal Hodge's first Narrative feature film as a director, ‘Threading Needles’, a gritty drama that explores the current state of American racism, the bonds of family and the fragile but unbreakable bonds of love, was one of two runner-ups at the Hollywood Black Film Festival’s 2011 feature film competition. Hodge is currently in Post-production on a slew of projects, such as ‘Modern Grace’, a faith based Documentary-series and ‘The Last Doctor’ a medical series that highlights the current state of health culture through the eyes of a 77 year old Jewish-Italian Knight. He will release 3 narrative films in 2016 ‘The Jump’ (an inspirational drama), ‘Knockout Game’ (an urban thriller), and ‘The Kind Ones’ (a horror film) which has recently become a selection in the 2016 Cannes Film festival’s short film Corner. 
Having worked in the commercial world for companies such as Black Berry and Teachscape, Hodge has directed the corporate videos for the Harlem Children's Zone's Healthy Harlem Initiative from 2012-2015. An avid believer in education and an advocate for 'paying it forward', Hodge has also taught filmmaking to literally hundreds of kids from various walks of life, at the Japan Society, Keio Academy, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, The Pro-Tv Program, TRUCE, The COVE, and Mythic Bridge. Despite his humble beginnings, Hodge has risen to become one of film's most promising and dynamic new visionaries. His history of mentoring youth in underprivileged communities speaks to his depth of character and his work abroad sheds light on his ability to cross barriers and explore issues that have long remained undiscovered. As a director, writer, and producer, Jamal Hodge has only just begun to carve out his name into film history.

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Director, Writer, Producer, Filmmaker.  Michael Bell is the director, writer and producer of "Choices" a faith-based short film.  An Air Force Veteran this is his first film and it has been shown at numerous film festivals and has garnered a few awards.  Living in Atlanta, Michael is working on his 2nd film which is due to start shooting the 1st quarter of 2018.

Michael has been a featured extra in a few movies and TV and currently has a PSA commercial running in the state of Georgia. His goal is to make great faith-based shorts with timely messages for the world today.

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