2015 Bronze Awards


dir. by Nathan Hoffman  8 min 30 sec, USA,  Horror, Fantasy

Mother’s Day
dir. by Nico Raineau, 21 min 58 sec, USA,  Comedy, Drama

dir. by Susanne Boeing, 26 min, Germany, Family, Drama

Sideshow of the Absurd
dir. by Jane C. Wagner, Tina DiFeliciantonio, 15 min, USA, Documentary

So It Goes 
dir. by Alex Pope, 46 sec, USA, Animation, Fantasy


Dream Writers
dir. by Nathan Bach,  25 min 32 sec, USA, Comedy

Zombie Zealot 
dir. by Michael T. Scott,  3 min, USA, Animation, Comedy, Horror

Kubo's Crickets
dir. by Michael Allcock, 15 min 38 sec, Canada, Documentary 

Born Into This
dir. by Lea Scruggs, Sean Ryon , 23 min 28 sec, USA, Documentary

Palmer's Beard 
dir. by Brad Lambert, 8 min, USA, Animation, Comedy

A Dying Man's Last Wish
dir. by Jeff Prahl, 4 min 18 sec, USA, Drama, Biography  


dir. by Ali F. Mostafa, 15 min,  Canada, United Arab Emirates, Drama

dir. by Austin Kolodney, 10 min 44 sec, USA, Family, Comedy, Action

El Mano vs. Japanese Zombie 
dir. by Kirt Burdick, 3 min 8 sec, USA, Animation, Comedy, Horror

Brix and the Bitch

dir. by Nico Raineau, 9 min 58 sec, USA, Drama, Romance, Action

Very Vérité
dir. by Jesse Orrall, 12 min 51 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama, Thriller

dir. by Pratlong Laurent, 4 min, France, Musical, Fantasy

Work Sucks!
dir. by Kevin Fintland, 2 min 35 sec, USA, Comedy 

Awesome Runaway!! 
dir. by Benjamin De Los Santos, 7 min 33 sec, New Caledonia, Action

dir. by Fabien Colas,  17 min 49 sec, Luxembourg,  Drama

One Billion Dates 
dir. by Alec Robbins, 9 min, USA, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Persephone Goes Home 
dir. by Laura Holliday,  8 min 11 sec, USA, Comedy

End & Eternity  
dir. by Yoomi Kim, 3 min 17 sec, USA, Animation, Drama


 dir. by Manan Singh Katohora, 13m, U S A, Drama


dir. by Jordon Foss, 10m, U S A, Western

Secret of the Lion
by Jonathan Bekemeier, 9 min, USA, Documentary

Don't Watch Me Dancing
dir. by Michael Evan Deitzler, 20 min 55 sec, USA, Drama

dir. by Dave Paterson, 17 min 23 sec, , Australia,  Drama, Thriller

Tiny Town
dir. by Howard Cook, Stephen Baker, 8 min 52 sec, USA, Animation

Our People
dir. by Payne Lindsey, 12 min 43 sec, USA, Documentary

Peaceful Reflections of the Apocalypse 
dir. by Tom Hunt, 2 min 30 sec, USA, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

Claire & The Keys 
dir. by John Ludwick, 20 min, USA, Animation, Family, Drama

Von Strantz "1793" 
by Joe Leavell, 4 min 39 sec, USA, Animation, Film Noir, Drama

Ukulele Lessons
dir. by Matt Richmond, 13 min 12 sec, USA, Drama

Rosewood for Mister Lemon
dir. by Strack Azar, 17 min 22 sec, USA,  Drama

Dîner à Montpellier
dir. by Cory Santilli, 13 min 4 sec, USA, Drama

The Urge 2 - It Lies Within
dir. by Christopher Angus, 8 min. ,USA, Animation

Films are listed in no particular order

Films are listed in no particular order

Platinum Awards

​celebrate truly remarkable films with the highest scores from our panel..
Gold Awards

celebrate incredible films with the second highest scores from our panel.
Silver Awards

awarded to unforgettable films with the third highest scores from our panel.
​Bronze Awards

awarded to films with high artistic achievement with the fourth highest scores from our panel.

More award-winners will be announced June 2016! Find out more about awards here

Meet our Award-Winning Filmmakers in the Spotlight

The best independent short films of 2015


dir. by Bryan Tan 12 min 18 sec, USA,  Drama, Thriller, Crime 

Tennessee Two Step 
dir. by Bryan Redding, 13 min 10 sec, USA, Film Noir, Drama

dir. by Cameron Fife, 9 min 51 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama

dir. by Jaime Valdueza, 17 min 22 sec, USA, Film Noir, Drama

Knock, Knock...
dir. by Anthony Lund, 3 min 5 sec, USA, Family, Horror, Thriller 


dir. by Daryle Conners, 8 min 16 sec, USA, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi

The Rat

dir. by Vasily Chuprina, 7 min 59 sec, USA, Drama, Thriller, Crime

His Last Game

dir. by Avery Rimer, 9 min 55 sec, USA, Family, Drama

Before We Meet 
dir. by Randy May , 3 min, USA, Comedy, Drama

Nowhere to Be Found 
dir. by Alex Moratto, 8 min, USA, Documentary 

2028 O Filme                                                                              

dir. by Jorge Mendes  8 min, Brazil, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action 

Indigo Grey:The Passage
dir. by Sean Robinson,  6 min, USA, Science Fiction, Action, Mystery


dir. by Michael Forstein, 14 min 58 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama 


dir. by Frank Donnangelo, 16 min 36 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama, Crime, Mystery 

You Wouldn't Expect

dir. by Evan Kidd, 9 min 7 sec, USA, Drama, History, Biography

The Dangle

dir. by Michael E. Ravich, 19 min 40 sec, USA, Film Noir, Comedy

Waiting For Lola

Kim Murray, 7 min 32 sec, USA, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Counter Histories: Rock Hill

dir. by FR3DER1CK Taylor, 27 min 30 sec, USA, History


dir. by Andre Silva, 13 min, USA, Science Fiction, Fantasy 


dir. by Kenn Woodard, 23 min, USA,  Thriller 

Goodbye Casey Trade

dir. by Amanda Brennan, 14 min 17 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama 

Jacob Stone

dir. by Roya Aryanpad, 19 min 31 sec, USA, Family, Drama, Romance


dir. by Armaan Uplekar, 13 min 44 sec, USA, Drama, Crime

Pick One For Me

dir. by Paul Thomas, 15 min 17 sec, USA, Comedy


dir. by Patrick Peacock, 16 min, USA, Film Noir, Drama, Thriller

Lobster fra Diavolo

dir. by Oriana Oppice, 14 min 11 sec, USA, Comedy

Acid Boots

dir. by Gemma Rawcliffe, 3 min 51 sec, United Kingdom, Music

The British Invasion

dir. by Janine Sides, 20 min 26 sec, USA, Comedy

Adam of the Sheetlands

dir. by Elliott Cattell, 8 min 32 sec, USA, Family, Fantasy, Adventure

Frisbee Hero

dir. by Ce Liang, 18 min, China, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport

The Last Suit

dir. by Diego Graue, 12 min 51 sec, Mexico, Comedy, Fantasy

Boyfriend Pillow

dir. by Nikki Muller, 11 min 33 sec, USA, Comedy, Romance, Horror

Life After Death

dir. by Patrick Peacock, 12 min, USA, Comedy 

Blodbrødre (Blood Brothers)

Preben Steen Nielsen, Aarhus Filmværksted,  30 min., Denmark, Drama, Crime

Tell Me You Love Me

dir. by Sutinder Bola, 11 min 16 sec, USA, Family, Drama, Romance 


Justin Robinson, Zachary Robinson  8 min 13 sec, USA, Drama 


dir. by Jem Moore, 11 min, Taiwan, Drama, Horror, Fantasy 

Deon – Summer

Deon Toh, 3 min 57 sec, Singapore, Music Video

Fortune 500 

dir. by Spencer Kelly, 17 min, USA, Comedy

Little Maud

dir. by Petrina Anne De Souza , 8 min 52 sec, Singapore, Drama

dir. by Elie Azzam, 2 min, USA, Experimental

dir. by Kenneth Sanabria​ Jiménez , 9 min. 19 sec., Costa Rica, Drama

​Blood Moon
dir. by Gio March, 14 min. 40 sec., USA, Drama, Comedyy

Mourning Cloak

dir by Ludi Jiang, 12 min., Canada, Drama

The Barber's Cut
dir. by Mark Brocking, 12 min, United Kingdom, Horror, Comedy

It's Just Art, Baby
dir. by Ian Asbjornsen , 3 min 5 sec, USA, Drama 

Happy Fun Room

dir. by Greg Pak , 13 min 58 sec, USA, Drama, Science Fiction

Tea Party

dir. by Brian Zahm, 11 min 56 sec, USA, Horror, Musical, Fantasy, 

 Wide Awake
dir. by Cesar Aguirre,  13 min 24 sec, USA, Horror, Crime, Mystery

The Trouble Downstairs
dir. by Cas ey Nimmer 13 min 41 sec, United Kingdom, Comedy, Mystery 

Tentacles with Toshio Maeda

dir. by Scott McLeod , 12 min 15 sec, Japan, Documentary,  Biography

The Whale Story

dir. by Tess Martin , 3 min 36 sec, USA, Animation, Drama, History 


by Robin Prediger 15 min 7 sec, Germany, Science Fiction, Fantasy


dir. by Ryan Stratton , 22 min 58 sec, USA, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction 


dir. by Aaron Daniel Jacob , 7 min 26 sec, USA, Comedy, Horror


dir. by Faiyaz Jafri , 6 min 30 sec, Hong Kong, Animation, Drama


dir. by Crystal Jin Kim , 10 min 19 sec, USA, Family, Drama

Elephant in the Room

dir. by Adam Tawfik , 6 min 56 sec, USA, Comedy


dir. by Katie Harbin, 15 min 9 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama

The Gig At Helmswood Hall

dir. by James Gannaway, 18 min 36 sec, Australia, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy

When I Write

dir. by Colin Wheeler, 3 min 36 sec, USA, Drama, Horror, Biography

Pink Goat House

dir. by Brittney Rothal, 8 min 42 sec, USA, Comedy, Music

Glass Bottled Milk: Saving the Iwig Family Dairy

dir. by Benjamin Garner, 20 min, USA, Documentary, Drama 


dir. by Kevin Hotalen, 23 min, USA,  Drama, Thriller, Crime


dir. by Angela Dugan, 19 min 59 sec, USA, Drama

Nothing Can Come From Nothing

dir. by George Sinfield, 7 min, USA, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Bus, Stop!!!

dir. by Kate Taylor, 18 min 23 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama

Split Second

dir. by Hayden Mason, 9 min, USA, Drama 


dir. by Jens Josephs, 15 min, USA

Surface Hercules

dir. by Ben Montemayor, 3 min 24 sec, USA, Music Video

In Continuum

dir. by Shana Vassilieva, 5 min 28 sec, United Kingdom, Fantasy, Music 

A World of Pleasure

dir. by Guisela Moro, 22 min 22 sec, USA, Comedy

A Walk in August

dir. by Naonori Fukazawa, 18 min 16 sec, Japan, Drama, Fantasy 

Appalachia - Mountaintop to Moonscape

dir. by Alan Gignoux, 13 min, United Kingdom, Documentary, Drama, History

Buena Fe

dir. by Cristina Kotz Cornejo, 16 min 51 sec, Argentina, Drama 

Dead Saturday
dir. by Benjamin Stark, 8 min 56 sec, USA, Drama, Thriller 

Prisons for Profit

dir. by Craig Knowles, 22 min 28 sec, USA, Crime, News 

Nefertiti's Daughters

dir. by Mark Nickolas, 39 min 48 sec, Egypt, USA, Documentary, History


dir. by Aban Bharucha Deohans, 19 min 50 sec, India, Family, Drama

Adadolisdi - A Film About Grace

dir. by Brenna Carnuccio, 7 min 49 sec, USA, Drama, Mystery


dir. by Stephen Polakiewicz, 15 min 20 sec, USA, Drama

Butterfly Hunter

dir. by Min-Yu Chen, 18 min 58 sec, Taiwan, Animation, Drama

The Beautiful Xuancheng

dir. by Wen Tian, 17 min 41 sec, China,  Documentary

Joined At The Hip
dir. by Niall Glennon, 28 min. 18 sec., Ireland, Drama

dir. by Jun Kuang, 14 min. , USA, Drama, Romance

dir. by Jay Lifton,, 9 min 50 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama

The Loyalist

dir. by Minji Kang, 19 min 4 sec, South Korea, Family, Drama 

Run Baby, Run!

dir. by Paul Joe Johny, 20 min 46 sec, Australia, Comedy, Drama, Action 

Cinderella, A Shadow Ballet
Carla Patullo, 14 min 6 sec, USA, Animation, Film Noir, Drama, 


dir. by Jay Perry, 12 min 28 sec, Australia, Comedy 



dir. by Dylan Blount, 19 min 19 sec, USA, Comedy, Horror 


dir. by Tian Guan, 10 min 42 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama

Steal From Thy Neighbour

dir. by Calvin Pembroke, 13 min 7 sec, Canada, Comedy

John Harkins, the Florist

dir. by Julian Gehrmann, 7 min, USA, Documentary, History


dir. by JT Timmons, 5 min 9 sec, USA, Horror

A Solitude at the Golden Gate

dir. by Samati Boonchitsitsak,, 3 min 30 sec, USA, Fantasy, History


dir. by Justin Ervin, 12 min 40 sec, USA, Romance, Mystery 


dir. by Florian Metzner, 40 min, Germany, Drama, Thriller, Action 

dir. by Maanon Runel, 10 min 11 sec, Switzerland, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

New Amsterdam

dir. by Zev Aaron, Daniel Cherrin , 6 min 20 sec, USA, Experimental


dir. by Tessa Olson, 11 min 55 sec, USA, Drama, Horror


dir. by Nida Manzoor, 14 min 1 sec, United Kingdom, Comedy, Thriller, Action


dir. by Christpher Windfield, 25 min 7 sec, USA, Drama, Action

It Was Dali

dir. by Eduardo Rufeisen, 7 min 45 sec, USA, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Triptych: 3 Women Making Art

dir. by Pam Walton, 35 min 15 sec, USA, Documentary

Amuri: The Sacred Flavors of Sicily

dir. by Giacomo Costa, 36 min 42 sec, Italy, Documentary, History

Damaged Goods

dir. by Nathaniel Nuñez, 4 min 47 sec, USA, Drama

Chicken Factory Farmer Speaks Out

dir. by Raegan Hodge, 4 min 59 sec, USA, Documentary

Take Care

dir. by Danielle Dunnigan,10 min 29 sec, USA, Drama 

Magic Matty

dir. by Nico Raineau, 3 min 30 sec, USA, Comedy


dir. by Dale Stelly, 17 min, USA, Comedy, Romance 


dir. by Dean Ginsburg, 3 min 28 sec, Australia, Drama


by Esther de Rothschild, Bader Jeraq, South Africa, 13 min, Documentary

 Breaking In

dir. by Adepero Oduye, 4 min 43 sec, USA, Drama

Go Around Again

dir. by Rick Groleau, 22 min 4 sec, Documentary, Sport

One Last Time

dir. by Ruby Rodriguez, 5 min 14 sec, USA, Drama, Romance

Frollein Frappé

dir. by Vanessa Aab, 16 min 16 sec, Germany, Comedy, Romance, Music 

Space Dandy

dir. by Zach Bolton, Joel McDonald, 24 min 20 sec, Japan, USA, Comedy, Science Fiction

Lane and Russell

dir. by Jason Stogsdill, 36 min 50 sec, USA, Comedy 


dir. by Yam Gonzalez, , 28 min, USA, Comedy

Miss You

dir. by William Beutler, 2 min 45 sec, USA, Music Video


dir. by Elizabeth Sher, 30 min, USA, Documentary, History

Becoming Colonel Cullmann

dir. by Laura Axelrod, 17 min, USA, Documentary, Biography

Perfect Pucker Lipstick
dir by Stephen Burhoe, 2 min, USA, Comedy

My Life is a Dream                                                                      

dir. by Brian Benson, 7 min 44 sec, USA, Comedy, Horror

​Dji. Death Sails 
dir. by Dmitri Voloshin, 5 min 18 sec, Moldova, Animation, Comedy

The Best Driver In The County
dir. by Marcus McCollum, 15 min 19 sec, U S A , Drama, Crime, Mystery 

dir. by Blake Rice, 8 min 43 sec, U S A, Drama, Horror, Thriller  

The Break Up                                                                        

dir. by Desta Reff 2 min 59 sec, USA, Family, Drama, Fantasy

The Script Re-Right 
dir. by Maddie Mindling, 13 min 49 sec, USA, Comedy

Stefan heeft een Ster gevangen (Steven Caught a Star)
dir. by Michiel ten Kleij, 19 min 26 sec, Netherlands, Drama, Fantasy

Mala Cara  
dir. by Gaspar Antillo 7 min 40 sec, Chile, Drama   ​​

​​​​​​​Organic Sleep 
dir. by Hasan Can Dagli , 18 min 18 sec, Turkey, Drama, Science Fiction

dir. by TJ Ramini, 19 min 56 sec, USA, Drama, Romance, Fantasy

dir. by Yangzi She, 7 min 40 sec, USA, Animation, Drama 

The Off | Season  
dir. by Lance Oppenheim, 10 min 40 sec, USA, Documentary, Sport

Tick Tock 
dir. by Zeynep Kocak, 9 min 15 sec, Turkey, Animation                                                            

dir. by N.G. Bristow, 5 min 52 sec, United Kingdom, Science Fiction, Action 

Leave Us Alone 
dir. by Nicholas Treeshin  13 min 2 sec, Canada, Thriller, Science Fiction


Fast Yeti 
dir. by Denise Plauché, 1 min 33 sec, USA, Animation, Comedy

The Nike Chariot Earring
sub. by Karen Audette, 14 min 6 sec, USA, Documentary 

dir. by Jabari Clarke-Pennegan, 6 min 17 sec, USA, Comedy

Triolet For Laika 
dir. by Emory Allen, 2 min 3 sec, USA, Animation, Drama, History


dir. by Maverick Moore  12 min 13 sec, USA, Comedy, Adventure

Pequeño Bloque de Cemento con Pelo Alborotado Conteniendo el Mar

dir. by Jorge López Navarrete  15 min 32 sec Spain, Drama

In Capricious Hands  
dir. by Stephan Larson,  4 min 58 sec, USA, Animation, Drama

Mini Supreme 
dir. by Michael Phillis, 9 min 43 sec, USA, Comedy

Still Standing: The Matt Bannister Story 
dir. by Ellory Elkayem, 9 min 7 sec, New Zealand, Comedy

A Good Egg
dir. by Sabrina McCormick, 12 min 13 sec, USA, Drama

Still Born 
dir. by Åsa Sandzén, 9 min 24 sec, Sweden, Drama 

Dating Eliza 
 by Simon Allen, 12 min 52 sec, United Kingdom, Comedy, Romance

dir. by Jeremy Osbern, Misti Boland, 2 min 18 sec, USA, Drama

The Leaping Place 
dir. by Michelle Ionescu, 3 min 36 sec, USA, Animation, Drama, Adventure

dir. by Sean O'Neill, 3 min 13 sec, USA, Animation, Family, Drama

Far Away and Long Ago 

dir. by Dominic Mercurio, 4m, USA, music video

Double-Blind No.1
dir. by The Double Blind Experiments,2 min, Australia, Experimental

Alien Love Story 
dir. by Ron McDougall, 6m, Canada, Animation

dir. by Brey Browne, 2 min 27 sec, USA, Drama

dir. by Wade Koch, 13m, U S A, Comedy, Drama, Action

Wedding Dress 
dir. by Haroula Rose, 12 min 40 sec, USA, Drama, Thriller, Action

dir. by Lizzy Sanford, 16 min 8 sec, USA, Comedy

American Virgin 
dir. by Tamzin Merchant, 16 min 38 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama

dir. by Gregg Masuak , 11 min 23 sec, United Kingdom, Comedy, Drama

20 BAHT 
dir. by Rachel Kessler, 19 min 57 sec, USA, Documentary

Inside Outside
dir. by Shira Meishar, 12 min 38 sec, Israel, Drama

A Conversational Place
dir. by Bob Giraldi, 13 min 24 sec, USA, Comedy

dir. by Dylan Patterson, 18 min 32 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Mother's Day 
dir. by Jeff Tan, 7m, U S A, Family, Drama​​

September Sketch Book
dir. by Ronnie Cramer , 7 min. 44 sec, USA, Experimental

2015 Platinum Awards

A Tree in The Sea 
dir. by Shahir Zag, 18 min 37 sec, United Arab Emirates, Family, Drama

The Wonderful
dir. by Erin Good, 9 min, Australia , Drama

Superior Living 
dir. by Steven Kahn, 25 min 15 sec, USA, Comedy 


2015 gold awards

My Brother's Stocking 
dir. by Hannah Field, 2 min, USA, Animation, Family, Drama


dir. by Elle Schneider 8 min 31 sec, USA,  Documentary

Gringo Honeymoon 
dir. by Alexandra Debricon, 19 min 25 sec, France, U S A, Film Noir, Drama, Thriller, Crime 


dir. by Jason Kupfer  6 min 25 sec , USA, Comedy, Horror

Raise The ToyGantic 
dir. by Gail Lerner, 27 min 12 sec, USA, Comedy

dir. by Cyrus Neshvad, 12 min 2 sec, Luxembourg, Drama

Come Away With Me 
dir. by Ellen Gerstein, 16 min 21 sec, USA, Drama, Romance

Back Pages 
dir. by Tony Fabro, 13 min 34 sec, Canada, Drama                 


dir. by Jeffery Wang  17 min 39 sec , USA, Comedy, Horror


dir. by Cristian Sulser 11 min 45 sec, Switzerland, Comedy

Dennis Doesn't Live Here Anymore

dir. by Michael Nardelli 15 min, USA, Comedy, Drama, Mystery 


2015 Awards

2015 Silver awards

Elk Mound                                                                                   

dir. by Chris Mars 13 min 48 sec, USA, Drama, Horror

Scarlet Says
dir. by Marley Grenville, 8 min 55 sec, United Kingdom, Drama

Weird Love

dir. by Greg Keith, 19 min 38 sec, United Kingdom, Drama, Thriller 


dir. by Lydelle Jackson , Cezil Reed, 5 min 48 sec, USA, Drama

Good Beer

dir. by Tony Borden, 7 min 21 sec, USA, Drama 

Death's (Man)date

dir. by Rick Joaquim and Waldo Büchner, 6 min 33 sec, South Africa, Comedy


dir. by Aasa Ersmark, 45 sec, Sweden, Mystery 

Don't Touch Me

dir. by Edward Smith, 9 min 15 sec, United Kingdom, Comedy, Drama


dir. by Mtume Gant, 16 min 24 sec, USA, Drama, Musical

Je M'appelle Jean Pierre
dir. by Laura Wootton, 6 min 14 sec, USA, Documentary


dir. by Joel Benjamin, 5 min 31 sec, USA, Animation

The Lingerie Show 
dir. by Laura Harrison, 8 min 15 sec, USA, Animation, Drama

Three in June 
dir. by Allison Mattox, 18 min 35 sec, USA, Drama, History

Street Meet
dir. by Jacob Hanania, 5 min 40 sec, Canada, Comedy, Drama

Old Man & The Sea in 15 Seconds 
dir. by Eduardo Cintron, 15 sec, USA, Drama, Action, Adventure 

For Whom The Bell Tolls in 15 Seconds 
dir. by Eduardo Cintron, 15 sec, USA, Drama, War, Action 

A Farewell To Arms in 15 Seconds 
dir. by Eduardo Cintron, 15 sec, USA, Drama, Romance, War

The Non-Importance of Being Ernest

dir. by Julia Friedman, 8 min 41 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama, Romance 

 Instagram is a Liar

dir. by Chris Stanford , 16 min 55 sec, USA, Drama, Adventure

Looking Out

dir. by Tristan Artin, 10 min 3 sec, Australia, Drama


dir. by Raymond Calderón, 8 min 37 sec, USA, Drama


dir. by Sharon Mooney , 18 min,  USA, Drama, Romance

400 Meters

dir. by Jeb Banegas , 7 min 14 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama

Remain Calm

dir. by Adam Reider , Canada, 11 min 15 sec • Comedy, Drama

Sheila Scorned

dir. by Mara Gasbarro Tasker 17 min 15 sec, USA  Comedy, Fantasy, Action


dir. by Anneliese Scheck, 14 min 58 sec, USA, Comedy 


dir. by Paul Harry Thomas, 10 min 41 sec, United Kingdom, Family 


dir. by Travis Vermilye, 3 min 40 sec, USA, Animation


dir. by Habib Habib, 7 min 49 sec, USA, Family, Drama 


dir. by Gina Lee Ronhovde, 9 min 12 sec, USA, Horror, Thriller


dir. by Mitchell Lazar, 8 min 25 sec, USA, Drama


dir. by Cody Mathieson Packer, 7 min, USA, Family, Drama, Fantasy


dir. by Jonathan Dorf, 11 min 45 sec, USA, Drama 

King Country

dir. by Peter Hansen, 16 min 58 sec, New Zealand, Drama 

Informal Approach

dir. by Jordan Stone, 15 min 23 sec, USA, Thriller

The Colourful Mind

dir. by Bethany Barich, 10 min 9 sec, USA, Drama, Science Fiction

The Gift

dir. by Mardig Sheridan, 14 min 36 sec, USA,  Family, Drama, War

Tipping Point

dir. by Eduardo Martinez, 11 min 10 sec, Australia, Thriller, Action


dir. by Stacey Muhammad, 13 min, USA,  Family, Drama


dir. by Annie Thiele, 13 min 44 sec, Australia, Family, Drama 


dir. by Zia Islam, 16 min 13 sec, USA, Drama, Thriller, Mystery 

Sand Castle

dir. by Rob Feld, 14 min 19 sec, USA, Family, Drama

Sleep Training

dir. by Cynthia Silver, 9 min 23 sec, USA, Family, Comedy​

The Eve 
dir. by Luca Machnich, 19 min. 24 sec. , Italy, Drama​​

dir. by Bhargav Saikia , 13 min. 19 sec, India, Drama, Horror

Films are listed in no particular order

Films are listed in no particular order